XPT Digital Solutions

The cost-efficient trunked radio solution for professional mobile radio

Hytera XPT is a cost-efficient and easily expandable mobile radio solution from Hytera based on proven repeater technology. Based on the conventional DMR mobile radio, Hytera XPT is a distributed trunked radio system without centralized switching for demanding users.

XPT offers unbeatable advantages:

  • No control channel and automatic channel management
  • Flexible IP networking, easily expandable
  • Easy migration from conventional DMR mobile radio (DMR Tier II) to XPT
Easy Migration to XPT Solutions

The XPT has intelligent technology that can assign each receiving radio to the repeater that initiated the call instead of clogging multiple repeaters. The automatic and dynamic process enables instant communication without interruption. Do you have an older analog system? You may be eligible for an upgrade!Radios

In contrast to the classic trunked radio, Hytera XPT does not use any control channels. All available radio channels are utilized for the communication.On top of that, all channels are managed by the mobile radio infrastructure. The benefit: A manual channel selection at the radio is no longer required. Free channels are automatically determined for call requests.As such, Hytera XPT combines the advantages of DMR Tier II with the mobile radio properties of state-of-the-art and powerful trunked radio systems.


A single-site XPT system supports up to 8 carriers or 16 calls simultaneously which can easily provide service to over 1000 subscriber units at the same site. This system was designed with scalability to meet the needs of your growing user base. For a wide-area SMR network, 8 repeater sites can be inter-connected in the same network. Radios can roam seamlessly between sites without the radio user changing a channel.As such, Hytera XPT combines the advantages of DMR Tier II with the mobile radio properties of state-of-the-art and powerful trunked radio systems.


TDMA Technology

TDMA technology splits a physical 12.5kHz channel into two timeslots, which means you get higher capacity of users per channel with less infrastructure.

Scale-able Solution

A Single site XPT system supports up to 8 carriers, or 16 calls simultaneously. This was designed to scale meet the needs of your growing user base.

Failsafe Control

Hytera XPT Digital Trunking system supports two-level failsafe control, meaning that if one or more repeaters fail, the system will continue to operate in trunking mode.

If the IP switch fails, the repeaters will automatically revert to digital conventional mode.

Pseudo Trunk

Pseudo Trunk, a Hytera patented technology, allows the radio to scan time slots on a repeater and dynamically choose an open time slot to initiate the call. This means less wait time as compared to users who are fixed to a specific time slot.

versatile features


  • Voice Call
  • Supplemental Call
  • Advanced Features
  • Data Operation
  • Dispatcher Features




  • Large capacity
  • Simple Infrastructure
  • Fast Deployment
  • Cost Effective
  • No Control Channel!


Channel Availability

The XPT system broadcasts the availability of channels throughout every repeater, ensuring the user will have a guaranteed channel to initiate a call.

Due to the use of the Free Repeater dynamic process, no designated Control channel is needed, resulting in instant communications, with no interruptions and constant busy signals.

Easy Setup

Setting up the XPT system is a simple 3 step process which includes:

  1. Upgrading firmware for repeaters and subscribers
  2. Connecting repeaters via IP switch
  3. Updating the license for repeaters and configuring all devices.

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